Friday, October 1, 2010

So yeah

Today I set up for google adsense as many of my friends suggested.
I dont know if you guys will be intrested in the ads posted, lets hope you will.
I still dont understand how it works, but I'm sure Google will help me along when I need it :).
thanks for visiting my blog! :)


Ishu said...

Don't worry brother, we can help you too, it is really easy, almost automatic, welcome aboard!!

kaizoku_Dude said...

Welcome on blogger bro

Frank said...

Good luck, man. It isn't hard to make money, but getting the proper CTR makes the difference between $60 and $200. My friend only has 200+ more clicks than I do, 100 more views than me, and he made $120 more than I did.

wonderstar55 said...

yeah, its a tricky game apparently. hopefully i'll get the hang of it and make some money just for writing blogs!